elcome to RV Transport, Inc.

We are a specialized transportation company located in LaGrange County, Indiana, which is the capitol of RV manufacturing. We have been transporting recreational vehicles from this area since 1992. Our company office and yard is located at the corner of 700 S and State Road 5 a few miles west of Topeka, and we also have terminals in Victorville, CA, and in Portland, OR. We do not operate company owned equipment, and we do not hire any hourly paid employees. All of the people who work with us are "Sub-Contractors" and/or "Owner-Operators" who are self-employed business people that lease their service and equipment to us. Our company will deliver many thousands of RV's this year, to all parts of the US and Canada. We believe that our company is growing because of the personable and honest service of our office staff, and because of the great attitude and dedication or our contractors.


What RV Transport can do for you!

Are you over the age of 25 and have been driving for more than 4 years? Does an exiciting career of traveling all over the United States and Canada sound like a perfect job for you? If so then we are looking for you! Read more about our company and find out if you could become part of our team!

Driver rate: $1.19 to $1.34 per loaded mile for singles and $2.00 to $2.22 per loaded mile for Multiples